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Early Years Education

Our Pre-School offer is designed to be fully inclusive, interesting, varied and fun to engage and challenge all our learners. We start by getting to know our children well and their families then using what we know about their interests to plan activities and experiences to excite and inspire them. We seek to provide learning environments which entice children and engage them in learning with opportunities which children will want to participate in and enjoy. We support the development of children’s social skills and teach them how to care about themselves and each other as they grow, learn and play together.

During their time with us we provide children with an opportunity to join us on a school trip, to enjoy themed celebrations, to meet and handle animals, to find out about different people in the community, to cook and bake, to grow and eat vegetables, to express themselves through dance, art, drama, story, song and language.

We have a strong focus on the development of language and communication and we aim to nurture of a love of reading to last a lifetime.

We involve children’s parents and carers in Pre-School, inviting them to ‘Stay & Play’ each half term, providing access to our online assessment tracking system and regular updates through parent consultation meetings. We support children’s development and growing independence so that they leave our Pre-Schools confident and curious with a love of learning and the resilience to try new things. This is delivered through the 7 areas of the EYFS.









Special Educational Needs:

Our Pre-Schools are fully inclusive and we aim to meet the needs of all children to the best of our ability. We work with parents and carers to get to know each child and their needs so that we can offer the appropriate support to individual children as they require it. We work with outside agencies to ensure that we have the right information and support in place for specific needs.


Information for Parents:






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