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If you have safeguarding concerns about a child, please contact Social Care Direct on 01924 303456 or Wakefield Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) for consultation and advice on 03458 503 503.

Please remember that if a child is in immediate danger, an emergency call should be made to the Police via 999 on the telephone.

The Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead for the Pre-Schools is Mrs Becky Cook, Executive Headteacher

Contact: email: bcook@watertonacademytrust.org  tel:01924 370770


Each Pre-School has a Designated Safeguarding Lead and a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead. They can be contacted via the Pre-Schools. Each Pre-School Committee has a nominated committee member for Safeguarding.


These practitioners undertake annual training and receive regular updates about Safeguarding issues.

All Pre-School staff participate in Safeguarding training and are familiar with the Safeguarding policies and procedures.




Our statutory documents:


Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022

Working Together to Safeguard Children

The Prevent Duty


Information for Parents and Carers:


CEOP Online Reporting
Are you worried about the way someone has been communicating with you online?
Make a report to one of CEOP’s Child Protection Advisors.

Childline contact number 0800 11 11 .

A new online tool has been launched by Childline and the Internet Watch Foundation, which will allow the under 18s to report any nude image of themselves that have found their way onto the internet.  This is simply done by creating an account with Childline and reporting a particular image.

Childnet International
Online Gaming: An introduction for parents and carers. This leaflet explores the online gaming environment and provides a wealth of safety advice.

Common Sense Media
Provides reviews for what children want to watch (before they watch it) – Trusted ratings created with families in mind.

Educate Against Hate
Government advice and trusted resources to safeguard young people from radicalisation, build resilience to all types of extremism and promote shared values.

E-safety Information for Parents of the Under 5’s
Frequently asked questions, information and tips to help keep under 5’s safe online.

Internet Matters.Org
Learn more about the benefits of mobile games, how children are interacting with them and the potential issues to be aware of.

National Online Safety – 7 Questions to help you start a conversation with your child about online safety
7 questions that will help you start an initial conversation with your child, so you have a better understanding of what they do online and how you can protect them.

O2 and NSPCC Helpline Poster
Some issues are easier to talk through. So O2 and NSPCC have set up a free helpline to help keep children safe online.

Online Safety

NSPCC Guidance for keeping children safe online, information and Resources for parents and carers.

Parental Controls

Many of you will be familiar with the more traditional gaming formats and popular consoles – Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and PC. Internet Matters have created step by step parental control guides for smartphones, search engines, broadband, mobile networks, social media and gaming consoles to assist parents and carers in putting them in control of what content their child(ren) can see.

Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP, providing support and guidance for parents from leading experts and organisations.

Prevent Awareness Pamphlet for Parents

Prevent is a government strategy designed to prevent the support of extremist causes.

Share Aware Booklet
We tell children it’s good to share, but online it’s different. That’s why we’re asking parents and carers to be Share Aware.

Social Media Age Restrictions Guide for Parents
Are you aware of the minimum age for account numbers on popular social media sites and apps?

Social Media Guidance for Parents
A practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media.

Think U Know 

There are lots of things you can do to support your under 5 child to become aware of online dangers and how to keep safe.

Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership
The Wakefield Safeguarding Children Partnership (WSCP) is a partnership of all of the relevant statutory, voluntary and community agencies involved in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children and young people living in Wakefield.

The WSCP is the key statutory mechanism for agreeing how the relevant children’s organisations in Wakefield co-operate to safeguard and promote the well-being of children and young people and to ensure the effectiveness of the work they carry out.

Watch with your child – ages 4 to 7 years – to learn about Esafety – Jessie and Friends
This series of three animations aims to give 4-7 year olds knowledge, skills and confidence to help them respond safely to risks they may encounter online.

Your Child’s Online World Booklet O2 and NSPCC
This booklet offers some simple guidance about the risks your child might face online, some advice about what you can do to keep them safe, and where you can go for more help and support.


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